Please give a warm embrace to the Browns fans around you

Kneeling. The Cleveland Browns fans take it and run – God cursed Cleveland.

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Browns jerseys have been bad for a while, and now the trend still continues to go. Even the situation this season is not only sad, even a bit ridiculous. Take a look at what happened during the first 15 days of new season of the Cleveland Browns jerseys at home:
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That’s right, and it’s miserable. All the bad luck has come to the Browns. Not to mention other things that are not worth mentioning, such as third-round draft pick Carl Nassib jerseys (DE) suffered a hand injury, Cameron Erving jerseys (C) hurt his lung, uh, and the dramatic reversal of this week 20 points ahead of the Ravens. Is that team’s original name was Browns Ravens jerseys?

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Just like the classic scene in “Fight Club” – After Edward Norton jerseys strenuously flattened the “angel face” Jared Leto, Norton tells Taylor: Destroy all the good feeling Cool. Although Browns are not cool like Leto, they still can not escape the ravaged by the Union each big brother take turns to end.

NFL veteran, Browns fans Conor Orr and Marc Sessler has been bearish on life. For Browns’ performance, we may only sit and relax. As twitter shows:

If your friends are Browns fans, call to comfort it or give them a warm hug, tell them as long as everyone gave a little love, it will become a beautiful world. However, you and I know this may not be possible.